Privacy policy

Nethavu is a news media platform, and its service extends to collecting and exhibiting news content, in-depth analysis, photographs, videos and other forms of digital content. Readers can access this content by means of different social media channels and the website.

Like any other digital media platform, privacy practices turns out to be relevant for Nethavu as well, and we understand that clarifications regarding the usage and sharing of our reader’s personal information is of prime importance. We would like to bring to your notice that by visiting our website, you are accepting the privacy policy explained in this section.

This explains how Nethavu gathers users’ personal information and treats it. Certain information is collected, put to use and shared by the website, under specific circumstances.

What kind of information do we gather and why?
It has to be noted that we collect information that helps us in providing a better experience for the users. This information that we access will be used to customize the content for specific users, thereby enhancing this experience of engaging with the site’s content.

We request you to understand that we are entitled to store certain information that you enter on our website, or provide to us in any other way. The choice of providing this information rests with the user entirely, but then you might be restricted from availing some of our special features and services.

However, to subscribe to Nethavu and be able to access its extended services, the user is required to provide certain information including name, username, email id, phone number and place of residence. All this information will be used to manage your account on our site, and to choose the kind of services and content that might be relevant to you. We also expect the users to accept the terms and conditions.

All the proceedings regarding the payment of the subscription fees is being managed by a third party payment service, and we do not store any kind of payment data.

We also receive and record certain traffic data including your IP address and website cookie information. This is done automatically, whenever the user interacts with the site’s content.

We also collect and audit the total count of page views, every time you visit the website. We do realize that there exist applications that might help you visit the site anonymously, but we cannot guarantee a personalized experience with our website unless we can recognize you.

The email id that you shall provide us will not be shared with a third party, and will be used exclusively to send you newsletters, offers, promotions, surveys, and notifications regarding Nethavu. You can choose not to receive emails from us anytime, by responding through a simple message. However, system emails and legal notices are exempted. We do transfer certain cookies to your hard drive to keep count on the number of times our website is visited. But, these cookies neither collect personal information, nor do they communicate your screen name or email id with us.

When do we share this information?
Information collected and stored in ways mentioned above will not be sold or rented under any circumstances, but will be shared for the sake of running the website.

Our personnel including consultants and contractors will have access to your data. When engaging in business transactions, user information might be considered as one of the transferred assets. All the conditions specified in this privacy policy will be applicable to any entity that might acquire your information as part of such transactions. Personal information shall be released when we find it as a necessity in terms of legal formalities. This is applicable for other cases as in those involving the need to protect the rights, property or safety of the company, its employees or its users. User information might be released to enforce our terms of use and other policies as well. This will be done to protect the company from fraudulent actions and other risks.

Information might be used for market analysis and advertisement selection as well. Your engagement with the content will be recorded and the details will be used to bring in relevant advertisements. We allow RSS syndication of all our public content within the website. For all other cases, except the ones mentioned above, we will contact you seeking your consent regarding the sharing and releasing of your personal information, and you can choose not to comply.

How do we secure your privacy?
All the information you provide on the website account will be protected by a password of your choice. We extend the technical support to ensure safety, but are not responsible for your choice of an unsafe password. We also recommend that you log out of the session once you are done, especially when you are accessing the website through a shared system. Employees like our customer service executive will be the only set of people who will be granted access to your personal information, owing to the fact that it might be necessary to perform a specific task. Our website might contain link to other websites, and we are not responsible for any discrepancy in their respective privacy policies. Nethavu might restructure its privacy policy periodically. Our engagement with the user data will be subject to the privacy policy which is in effect at the time of use. Any change in the policy will be notified on the website or through email communication.
By using the website you are notifying that you agree to this privacy policy. Write to us to extend suggestions.